Glenn Buhr & Margaret Sweatman                                                                                               The Broken Songs Band



holding pattern   (An elliptical story, with music)

Margaret Sweatman is a playwright, poet, performer and novelist. Her plays have been produced by Prairie Theatre Exchange, Popular Theatre Alliance and the Guelph Spring Festival. She has performed (songs and spoken word) with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, the Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orchestra and the National Academy Orchestra, as well as with her own Broken Songs Band. Sweatman is the author of the novels Fox, Sam and Angie, The Players, Mr. Jones, and When Alice Lay Down with Peter, which won several awards including the Rogers Writers’ Trust Fiction Prize and the McNally Robinson Book of the Year. With Glenn Buhr, Sweatman won a Genie Award for Best Song in Canadian Film (Seven Times Lucky).

Glenn Buhr is a composer, producer, band leader, a pianist/guitarist and singer/songwriter. He became well known in Canada as co-founder with conductor Bramwell Tovey of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra’s New Music Festival. Buhr has toured Canada twice as a jazz artist, and has recently performed his 2nd Piano Concerto with the Esprit Orchestra and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. His Symphony no. 3 (a choral symphony) was premiered by the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra in February 2008 with pop singer Sarah Slean as soloist. His full length ballet Beauty and the Beast has toured the UK (five times), Hong Kong, Japan and mainland China for a total of more than 150 performances.



under a bird / sleep deeper than moths / under dead leaves and feathers sleep / the stars light years / too late


Chinese Poem   (A story with music)


The Broken Songs Band

Broken Songs began with spoken word, bass, percussion and some sax; first, for the Winnipeg Symphony’s New Music Festival, then later orchestrated in the recording studio by Glenn Buhr. Then the lines of poetry began to sing. Eventually, there were song fragments with one verse that needed a second verse and a bridge, and so Margaret wrote more lyrics for Glenn, who trimmed and shaped them with his ear for blending melodies with words. Then there were a dozen songs. Then two dozen.

After several years going from project to project in several Canadian cities with a collection of different musicians (sometimes even full orchestra), the new Broken Songs Band is now a quintet: Sweatman on vocals and harmonica, Buhr on guitar, piano and vocals, along with guitarist/vocalist (and master guitar-builder) Allan Beardsell, bassist Gilles Fournier, and drummer/percussionist, Daniel Roy.


Assassination Night   (A haunted love song)